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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S39 
2 S74 
3 S117 
4 S142 
5 S143 
6 S287 
7 S385 
8 S450 
9 S454 
10 S455 
11 S456 
12 S457 
13 S458 
14 S462 
15 S469 
16 S470 
17 S471 
18 S472 
19 S473 
20 S474 
21 S476 
22 S477 
23 S478 
24 S479 
25 S480 
26 S591 
27 S592 
28 S593 
29 S594 
30 S600 
31 S603 
32 S675 
33 S677 
34 S682 
35 S689 
36 S693 
37 S694 
38 S163 1841 UK Census
39 S539 1850 United States Federal Census 
40 S547 1860 United States Federal Census 
41 S109 1867 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census
42 S545 1870 United States Federal Census 
43 S217 1870 US Census
44 S84 1872 Paris Consistoire Census
Paris, France 
45 S527 1880 United States Federal Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
46 S525 1900 United States Federal Census 
47 S252 1901 UK Census
48 S523 1910 United States Federal Census 
49 S336 1910 US Census
50 S524 1920 United States Federal Census 
51 S24 1920 US Census
52 S530 1930 United States Federal Census 
53 S599 6389 Portuguese marriages from the year 1664 till 1926
Dave Verdooner & Harmen Snel 
54 S384 acte de décès
55 S389 acte de décès
56 S393 acte de décès
57 S388 acte de mariage
58 S394 acte de mariage
59 S397 acte de mariage
60 S383 acte de naissance
61 S387 acte de naissance
62 S390 acte de naissance
63 S391 acte de naissance
64 S180 Aktion Reinhard Camps
65 S262 Alumni News
Cambridge University Alumni 
66 S328 American Civil War Soldiesr 
67 S490 American Jewish Archives
Henry Pereira Mendes Papers 
68 S614 American Jewish Archives
69 S505 American Public University 
70 S172
71 S418 Angus Wilson Website 
72 S488 Anshei Emes 
73 S302
74 S200 Argonne National Lab
75 S635 Arizona Daily Star
76 S602 Arlington National Cemetery Website 
77 S245 Ascoli Tree
Larry and Jack Ascoli 
78 S82 Associastion of Jewish Refugees
Jewish victims of Nazi persecution living in Great Britain 
79 S249 Auschwitz Forced Laborers 
80 S120 Baruch CUNY
Department of Natural Sciences 
81 S265 Belfast and Northern Ireland Street Directories 1920s
82 S206 Belgian Victims of WW2 Archives
83 S492 Ben Gurion University 
84 S279 Bensheim Archives
Bensheim, Germany 
85 S585 Beth Haim Cemetery Records, Ouderkerk-an-der-Amstel
86 S309 Between France & Germany
Vicki Caron 
87 S92 Bevis Marks Synagogue Birth Records.
of Mordechai Ascoli 
88 S197 Bevis Marks Synagogue Birth Records.
of Abraham Fernandes Lopes 
89 S162 Bevis Marks Synagogue Burial records.
of Lee Levy 
90 S90 Bevis Marks Synagogue Marriage Records
of Joseph & Ora Buena Ascoli 
91 S550 Bevolkingsregister van Amsterdam 1851-1853, Joodse inwoners
92 S451 Biancafam.FTW
93 S617 Bielefeld Archives
94 S253 Bielefeld Jewish Community Gedenkbuch
Bielefeld, Germany 
95 S155 Biographisches Lexicon der Hamburger Sefarden
Michael Halevi 
96 S358 Biographisches Lexicon der Hamburger Sefarden
Michael Halevi 
97 S555 Biography and Genealogy Master Index 
98 S159 Birmingham Post
99 S574 Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 
100 S40 Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943
101 S364 Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society
The Linnean Society of London 
102 S17 Bratislava Archives
Bratislava, Slovakia 
103 S152 British Phone Books
104 S226 BU Office of New Media
Boston University 
105 S126 C.A.R. website
California Association of Realtors 
106 S571 California Death Index, 1940-1997 
107 S579 California Marriage Index, 1960-1985 
108 S218 California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957
109 S189 Center for Jewish History
Leo Baeck Archives 
110 S400 cession de créance
111 S344 Chatou Municipal Archives
Chatou, France 
112 S660 Chevra Kadisha Tel Aviv-Yafo 
113 S165 Chronicle of Joshua Piza
Vida Guiterman 
114 S215 Chronik Familie Jaffe
Otto Jaffe 
115 S299 Col. George Anthony Bicher Jr. Biography
116 S187 Commonwealth War Graves Commission
117 S578 Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2001
Connecticut Department of Health 
118 S7 Connecting for Health Newsroom
119 S164 Consistoire Israelite Luxembourg 
Claude Goldschmidt, secretary 
120 S395 contrat de mariage
121 S399 contrat de mariage
122 S598 Cook County Marriiage Record
123 S556 Cook County, Illinois Marriage Index, 1930-1960 
124 S633 Copyright 2001-2008, David S. Plowman
125 S183 Cornell University
Romance Studies 
126 S411 Daniel Loeb family web site
127 S412 Daniel Loeb family web site & Our Crowd book
128 S409 David Friedrichs - via Leo Baeck Institute
129 S588 de Castro family trees
130 S541 Death Certificate
131 S531 Death Notice, Cincinnati Commercial
132 S586 Descendants of David de Castro
Garry Carr-Smith 
133 S94 Deutsc-Israeltische Gemeinde in Hamburg
Birth records 
134 S67 Diabetes, Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Project
135 S442 die Havixbecker Nachbarn 
136 S31 Die Judischen Burger im Kreis Goettingen 1933-1945
Ein Gedenbuch 
137 S145 Die Privilegien der Juden in Altona
Marwedel Guenter 
138 S296 Die Sefarden in Hamburg
Michael Studemund-Halevy 
139 S329 Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands
140 S627 Donna M. Levinsohn
141 S628 Donna M. Levinsohn
142 S260 Dutch Jewry Organization
Burial Records. 
143 S1 E-mail message
from Sita Likuski 
144 S4 E-mail message
from Eike Dietert 
145 S10 E-mail message
from Gaby Ostro 
146 S11 E-mail message
from Paula Purcell 
147 S13 E-mail message
from George Wilkes 
148 S15 E-mail message
from Richard Gray 
149 S27 E-mail message
from Steven Jaffe 
150 S34 E-mail message
from John Alexander 
151 S41 E-mail message
from Tomy Lowenstein 
152 S43 E-mail message
from Micha Kolat 
153 S46 E-mail message
from Paul Herzberg 
154 S51 E-mail message
from Dorothy Lepoff 
155 S54 E-mail message
from John Stern 
156 S59 E-mail message
from Sylvia Dawn Kieling 
157 S60 E-mail message
from Yvonne Budd 
158 S62 E-mail message
from Vera Margoniner 
159 S64 E-mail message
from Sarah Collins 
160 S70 E-mail message
from Rudi Lewy 
161 S75 E-mail message
from Kate Romain 
162 S77 E-mail message
from Inga Vickers 
163 S79 E-mail message
from Martin Friedrichs 
164 S81 E-mail message
from Arnon Baram 
165 S88 E-mail Message
from Lea Bamberger 
166 S91 E-mail message
from Rafael Lowenstein 
167 S93 E-mail message
from Elizabeth Ceccheti 
168 S97 E-mail message
from Evelyn Moss 
169 S100 E-mail message
from Eve Japha 
170 S107 E-mail message
from John Schaffa 
171 S111 E-mail message
from Ly Japha 
172 S124 E-mail message
from Ingrid Haas 
173 S129 E-mail message
from Pauline de Rodriguez 
174 S132 E-mail message
from Michael Barme 
175 S134 E-mail message
from Yael Lavi Jenner 
176 S136 E-mail message
from Charlotte Oppe 
177 S137 E-mail message
from Carlos Oppe 
178 S146 E-mail message
from Hadrien Rambach 
179 S147 E-mail message
from Barbara Wasser 
180 S149 E-mail message
from Marion & Henry Bernstein 
181 S151 E-mail message
from Richard Oppe 
182 S153 E-mail message
from Naomi Knoller 
183 S156 E-mail message
from Gina Marks 
184 S157 E-mail message
from David Friedrichs 
185 S158 E-mail message
from Clarissa Balaszeskul 
186 S184 E-mail message
from Johann-Hinne Moeller 
187 S188 E-mail message
from Judy Angel a.k.a. Judy Elizabeth Haas 
188 S191 E-mail message
from Anthony Japha 
189 S199 E-mail message
from Susan Edel 
190 S201 E-mail message
from Arnold Reisman 
191 S202 E-mail message
from Walter Eppenstein 
192 S207 E-mail message
from Stanley Fajans 
193 S209 E-mail message
from Sonja Muhlberger (Grand-daughter of Carl Herzfeld) 
194 S213 E-mail message
from David Jaffe 
195 S227 E-mail message
from Dr. Peter Clemens 
196 S241 E-mail message
from Albert “Bob” Knoller 
197 S246 E-mail message
from Jack Ascoli 
198 S269 E-mail message
from Ed Zimmerman 
199 S271 E-mail message
from Charlie Evans 
200 S272 E-mail message
from Barbara Broad 
201 S277 E-mail message
from Rose Blackmore 
202 S283 E-mail message
from Jose (Chepe) Ascoli 
203 S286 E-mail message
from Betty Hirschfeld 
204 S290 E-mail message
from Ivone Levy 
205 S291 E-mail message
from Jan Ascoli 
206 S293 E-mail message
from Julia Clarice levy 
207 S294 E-mail message
from Larry Ascoli 
208 S306 E-mail message
from Helene Cixous 
209 S315 E-mail message
from Martin Ostwald 
210 S316 E-mail message
from Raoul Stransky 
211 S318 E-mail message
from Sarah Johnson 
212 S322 E-mail message
from Marianne Timperi 
213 S324 E-mail message
from Jill Traver 
214 S334 E-mail message
from Peter Levitt 
215 S338 E-mail message
from Robert Neurath 
216 S339 E-mail message
from John Balan 
217 S351 E-mail message
from Suzanne Johnston 
218 S353 E-mail message
from Michael Kunitz 
219 S354 E-mail message
from Willa Bluesky 
220 S375 E-mail message
from Alison Hunt 
221 S376 E-mail message
from Jennifer Lewis 
222 S377 E-mail message
from Pascal Cziborra 
223 S378 E-mail message
from Catherine Weinberger 
224 S402 E-mail message
from Beatrice Herold 
225 S419 E-mail message
from Ines Siscoe 
226 S420 E-mail message
from Amnon Rimon 
227 S422 E-mail message
from Albert Dannenberg 
228 S423 E-mail message
from David Cuby 
229 S427 E-mail message
from Carol Meyers 
230 S430 E-mail message
from Jackie Schwab 
231 S437 E-mail message
from Peter Jacubowsky 
232 S439 E-mail message
from Dave Gerressen 
233 S440 E-mail message
from Dave Gerressen 
234 S443 E-mail message
from Mesod Belilo-Hon. Registrar of the Jewish Community of Gibraltar 
235 S463 E-mail message
from Ashley Archer 
236 S464 E-mail message
from Harry Davids 
237 S465 E-mail message
from Chris Thorsrud 
238 S467 E-mail message
from Jose Quintero 
239 S483 E-mail message
from Dr. Shimon Barak 
240 S485 E-mail message
from Frank Hochheimer 
241 S491 E-mail message
from Beverly Blamely 
242 S495 E-mail message
from Kaye Wyatt 
243 S496 E-mail message
from Martha Paradies 
244 S497 E-mail message
from Suzanna Fernandez 
245 S499 E-mail message
from Wolfgang Knoll, Berlin Stolperstein 
246 S501 E-mail message
from Stefan Kahlen 
247 S506 E-mail message
from Diane Oppe 
248 S508 E-mail message
from Carlos Quintero 
249 S509 E-mail message
from Joseph Alkus 
250 S512 E-mail message
from Christina Quintero 
251 S513 E-mail message
from Sally Epps 
252 S515 E-mail message
from Rachel Goldberg 
253 S516 E-mail message
from Amandine Fabre-Dalsace & Claude Bloch 
254 S605 E-mail message
from Stanley Brandon 
255 S615 E-mail message
from Chantal Loeser 
256 S616 E-mail message
from Ludwig Jaffe 
257 S618 E-mail message
from Leslie Riera 
258 S619 E-mail message
from Sharon Fitzgerald 
259 S620 E-mail message
from Elisa Levey 
260 S621 E-mail message
from Rachel Cohen 
261 S622 E-mail message
from Johanna Stoll 
262 S623 E-mail message
from William J. Stoop 
263 S625 E-mail message
from Mirabel d’Arcy 
264 S626 E-mail message
from Moshe Ehrenreich 
265 S629 E-mail message
from Sue Vaughan 
266 S630 E-mail message
from Richard Livingston 
267 S632 E-mail message
from Christine Thorsrud 
268 S634 E-mail message
from John H. Warburg 
269 S636 E-mail message
from Bernhard Gelderblom 
270 S637 E-mail message
from Rolf Michael Berliner 
271 S638 E-mail message
from Bernd Ruchhoeft 
272 S639 E-mail message
from Sally Gottschalk 
273 S641 E-mail message
from K.Wolgast 
274 S642 E-mail message
from Lydia Langshaw 
275 S644 E-mail message
from Tamara Jaffe Notier 
276 S646 E-mail message
from Maribel Quintero Guerini Piza de Morocoima 
277 S647 E-mail message
from Caroline Monnier 
278 S649 E-mail message
from Heinrich Nuhn 
279 S650 E-mail message
from John Ross 
280 S651 E-mail message
from Edwin Berkowitz 
281 S652 E-mail message
from Anita Aparicio 
282 S653 E-mail message
from Shelley Herman-Sonnenberg 
283 S654 E-mail message
from Sharon Meen 
284 S655 E-mail message
from Cristina Wyler 
285 S656 E-mail message
from Caroline Fawcett 
286 S657 E-mail message
from Yvonne Grant Lindsey 
287 S658 E-mail message
from Cristina Soria 
288 S659 E-mail message
from Daniella Thompson 
289 S661 E-mail message
from Annie Nash 
290 S662 E-mail message
from Brigitte K. Beer 
291 S663 E-mail message
from Helga Heilbut 
292 S664 E-mail message
from Tom Brandon 
293 S665 E-mail message
from Fernando Sasso 
294 S666 E-mail message
from Uwe Becker 
295 S667 E-mail message
from Christopher Johnstone 
296 S668 E-mail message
from Jerry Goldbloom 
297 S669 E-mail message
from Russ Pierce 
298 S670 E-mail message
from Chris Thorsrud 
299 S671 E-mail message
from Celia Graham 
300 S672 E-mail message
from Justin Mitchell 
301 S674 E-mail message
from Warwick Hoad 
302 S676 E-mail message
from Betsy Gamse 
303 S678 E-mail message
from Steve Gil 
304 S679 E-mail message
from Graham Sherman 
305 S685 E-mail message
from Ronit Little 
306 S687 E-mail message
from Ann Christensen 
307 S699 E-mail message
Richard Heinebach 
308 S690 E-Mail Message,
Carlos Eduardo Levy 
309 S341 ebay Index
310 S55 Eight Wo Survived the Shoa
Devora Frank  
311 S436 Eine Kindheit am Rande des Holocaust
Landgrebe, Dr. Detlev 
312 S214 Ellis Island - Statute of Liberty Foundation
313 S263 Embedded Memories
Alan Mairson 
314 S177 Emigrantern Addressbuch Feuer Shanghai
Tess Johnston 
315 S14 Encyclopedia Judaica
316 S343 Epernay Archives
Epernay, France 
317 S321 Familia
Ulster Genealogical Review 
318 S435 Family History of Margaret Macculloch and David Hall covering dates c1150-2004, Macculloch - Hall Database
Margaret Macculloch and David Hall 
319 S549 Family Search, Netherlands Deaths and Burial
320 S597 FamilySearch, International Genealogy Index
321 S546 FamilySearch, Netherlands Births aand Baptisms
322 S441 Findtarget Reference 
323 S533 Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 
324 S234 Forgotten Rescue of French Jewry
325 S195 French Women Writers
Sartori Eva and Dorothy Zimmerman 
326 S697 from Andy Falk
E-mail message, 
327 S680 from Annamaria Lee
E-mail message 
328 S686 from Finn Halling Larsen
E-mail message 
329 S606 from Richard Mayer
E-mail message 
330 S683 from Rina Goldenberg
E-mail message 
331 S681 from Sandy Putziger
E-mail message 
332 S570 From the Loess Hills of Iowa: The Memoirs of Iva Conyers Hansen (1899-1988)
Teri Napoli, Arden Iva Sleadd 
333 S99 Galveston Passenger Lists
334 S410 Gary Palgon - email 9th cousin
335 S521 Gedcom file from Kevin Bowman
336 S347 Gedenkbuch
337 S267 Genentech Co
338 S448 Genpals Cemetery Project 
339 S449 Genpals Cemetery Project 
340 S114 German War Memorial
Jewish World War 1 casualties of the German armed forces 
341 S220 Göttingen Archives
Goettingen, Germany 
342 S32 Grafenberg Family Tree Book
Carl Grafenberg 
343 S494 Halevi Dweck 
344 S98 Hamburg Archives
Hamburg, Germany 
345 S216 Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934
346 S326 Hants & Berks Gazette
Basingstoke Library 
347 S345 Hauts-de-Seine Archives
Hauts-de-Seine, Paris 
348 S203 Heilbronn Archives
Heilbronn, Germany 
349 S433 Heiratsurkunde Otto Horschitz mit Wilhelmine Keller
Standesamt München IV 
350 S223 Heller Ehrman LLP
351 S224 History of the Netherland Antilles
Isaac & Suzanne Immanuel 
352 S192 Holocaust Claims
resolution of claim 
353 S181 Holocaust Encyclopedia
354 S514
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust 
355 S520
Gisela Naomi 
356 S511
357 S601
Sanctuary for Families 
358 S517 
359 S510
360 S518
361 S612
York University 
362 S691
364 S71 Impossible Love
Roman Trister 
365 S116 Imre Avraham
Avraham Meir Klein 
366 S432 Interview
Interview with Haya Herta Yitzchaki 
367 S2 Interview with
Avraham Gershon 
368 S6 Interview with
Hilde Herz 
369 S16 Interview with
Alfred Unger 
370 S30 Interview with
Rina Eilon 
371 S69 Interview with
Zahava Shalgi 
372 S76 Interview with
Lilli Ithai 
373 S86 Interview with
Avraham Kohn 
374 S101 Interview with
Shoshana Baruch 
375 S102 Interview with
Nava Cohen 
376 S122 Interview with
Lieselotte Boas 
377 S169 Interview with
Esther Unger 
378 S170 Interview with
Lisel Strunin 
379 S178 Interview with
Devora Frank 
380 S196 Interview with
Eve Cixous 
381 S205 Interview with
Roberte Klein 
382 S222 Interview with
Margot Katzenstein Knoller 
383 S236 Interview with
Eva Knoller 
384 S237 Interview with
Anita Dannenberg- 
385 S238 Interview with
Paul Buchinger 
386 S239 Interview with
Albert Dannenberg 
387 S240 Interview with
Jeanne Rais 
388 S273 Interview with
Alice Klein 
389 S310 Interview with
Shirley Fletcher 
390 S312 Interview with
Gladys Bray 
391 S313 Interview with
Rachel (Hella) Stransky 
392 S319 Interview with
Melissa Dariff Phillips 
393 S323 Interview with
Harriet Declerq 
394 S333 Interview with
Zvi Atir 
395 S348 Interview with
Gideon Hirschfeld 
396 S349 Interview with
Shoshana Tchernichovski 
397 S446 Interview with
398 S259 Jaffe Feathers Co.
399 S484 JDC (Joint) Archives
Lisdt of Immigrants Arrived from Portugal 
400 S493 Jerusalem Post 
401 S379 Jewish Cemetery Beth Haim at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
Amsterdam, Netherlands 
402 S95 Jewish Cemetery Database Project
Jewish Cemeteries in Germany 
403 S108 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
404 S255 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
405 S355 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
406 S356 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
407 S360 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
408 S361 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
409 S362 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
410 S363 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
411 S366 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
412 S367 Jewish Chronicle
Weekly Newspaper 
413 S68 Jewish Encyclopedia
414 S596 Jewish Encyclopedia
415 S583 Jewish Marriages in Amsterdam
Verdooner et al. 
416 S413 Jewish People Family tree
417 S414 Jewish People Family tree
418 S643 Jewish Soldiers.Com 
419 S587 Jewish Women’s Archive 
420 S72 Joschko’s Children
Robert Weiss 
421 S407 Journal Media Website 
422 S113 Judea Electronic Magazine
Vol.3, No.4 Tamuz-Av 5755/July-August 1995 
423 S168 Jüdische Gemeinde Baden bei Wien
424 S607 Judische Kinderarzte 1933-1945: Entrechtet, geflohen, ermordet
E. Seidler 
425 S645 Jüdisches Erwerbsleben in der Inneren Nordvorstadt Leipzigs 1900-1933-
Barbara Kowalzik 
426 S144 Juedische Trauungen Berlin
427 S580 Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999 
428 S575 Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953 
429 S425 Ketouba
430 S466 Klingenstein Center, Teachers College
Columbia University 
431 S304 Krotman Family
432 S211 La Liste de Saint Cyprien
Marcel Bervoets-Tragholz 
433 S228 La Prensa
434 S692 Lennart Onken
E-mail from 
435 S416 Leo Baeck & Leidersdorf email
436 S297 Les Annales du Theatre et de la Musique
Noel & Stoullig 
437 S247 Les Israélites dans l'Armée Française
438 S250 Les Professeurs de la Faculté des lettres de Paris. Dictionnaire biographique : 1985 by
Charles Christophe 
439 S5 Letter from
Dr. Nathan, Lawyer of the Hamburg Jewish Community 
440 S57 Letter from
Kurt May 
441 S83 Letter from
Dora Jenny Hirschler 
442 S130 Letter from
Clark May 
443 S139 Letter from
Frieda Jonas 
444 S154 Letter from
445 S174 Letter from
Wolfgang Eichenberg 
446 S212 Letter from
Paul Oettinger 
447 S330 Letter from
Diana Schulhoefer 
448 S288 Library & Archives Canada
449 S369 Library & Archives Canada
450 S372 Library & Archives Canada
451 S373 Library & Archives Canada
452 S374 Library & Archives Canada
453 S386 Livre pour la description des
454 S118 Livro das Quetubbot
455 S401 Loeb and descandents
456 S421 London Times
Marriages 1982-2004 
457 S695 Look Magazine November 8 2016
458 S235 Lyttelton Times, New Zealand
459 S96 Mannnheim Archives
Mannheim, Germany 
460 S405 Maria Montez Site 
461 S426 Marin Independent Journal
December 25, 2008 
462 S609 Marin Independent Journal
463 S406 Marisa Pavan 
464 S404 Marriage Witnesses
Michael Pardo und Levy Alexander  
465 S194 Marshall Lewy Website
Marshall Lewy 
466 S502 Mazav.Com 
467 S176 Memoirs of Alice Ascoli 1884 - 1965
Alice Ascoli 
468 S337 Memorial de la Shoah
Database of Victims of the Shoa in France 
469 S112 Memorial to Fallen of Israel Defense Forces
Ministry of Defense, Government of Israel 
470 S63 Memories
Lilli Ithai 
471 S9 Men and Ideas
Rabbi Alexander Carlebach 
472 S225 Michael Lewy Visual Artist
473 S540 Minnesota Territories Census 1875
474 S141 Musikerbriefe
475 S193 National Archives of Australia
476 S210 Nazis and Good Neighbors: the United States Campaign against the Germans of Latin America in World War II
Max Paul Friedman 
477 S127 New Orleans Passenger Lists 1820-1945
478 S53 New Portuguese Cemetery Altona
Michael Studemund Halevy 
479 S190 New South Wales Registry
Births, Deaths and Marriages 
480 S36 New York County Supreme Court
Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-24 
481 S482 New York Passenger Lists
482 S171 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
483 S544 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 
484 S303 New York Petiitions for Naturalizations.
485 S331 New York Times
486 S688 Newspaper
487 S415
488 S487 Noga Harari - Birth certificate
489 S581 North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975 
490 S254 Nürnberg Archives
Nürnberg, Germany 
491 S231 Obituary by
Daily Camera 
492 S233 Obituary by
493 S281 Obituary by
San Francisco Chronicle 
494 S282 Obituary by
Oxford Mail 
495 S285 Obituary by
The Independent 
496 S298 Obituary by
Star Tribune 
497 S300 Obituary by
Leonore Meyer  
498 S301 Obituary by
Medical Mycology Society of New York  
499 S342 Obituary by
Pierre Ascoli 
500 S352 Obituary by
The Independent 

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