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Richmond, VA, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 37.540778, Longitude: -77.433928


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brauer, Florence Hazel  25 Dec 1898Richmond, VA, USA I15801
2 Brauer, I. Mendes  7 Mar 1876Richmond, VA, USA I15755
3 Brauer, Katherine Moss  23 Mar 1897Richmond, VA, USA I15800
4 Brauer, Mailert  Abt 1890Richmond, VA, USA I15959
5 Brauer, Mary June  Abt 1887Richmond, VA, USA I15803
6 Brauer, William Thomas  16 Feb 1900Richmond, VA, USA I15802
7 Brauer, William Wallace  28 Sep 1865Richmond, VA, USA I15750
8 Burnheim, Frederick Brauer  17 Apr 1869Richmond, VA, USA I15997
9 Burnheim, Kate Theresa  26 Dec 1864Richmond, VA, USA I15994
10 Burnheim, Levi Workum  21 May 1867Richmond, VA, USA I15999
11 Burnheim, Walter Ezekiel  9 May 1866Richmond, VA, USA I15996
12 Collier, Charles Willard  6 Apr 1862Richmond, VA, USA I15777
13 Davis, Esther VA, USA  8 May 1900Richmond, VA, USA I15969
14 Davis, Louis Lathan  May 1896Richmond, VA, USA I15967
15 Ezekiel, Adeline Hyneman  13 Jan 1843Richmond, VA, USA I15642
16 Ezekiel, Esther  24 Sep 1857Richmond, VA, USA I15652
17 Ezekiel, Ezekiel Michael  9 Jul 1841Richmond, VA, USA I15655
18 Ezekiel, Hannah  5 Sep 1836Richmond, VA, USA I15637
19 Ezekiel, Henry Clay  30 Jan 1846Richmond, VA, USA I15735
20 Ezekiel, Josephine  5 May 1848Richmond, VA, USA I15644
21 Ezekiel, Louis Poznanski  10 Dec 1850Richmond, VA, USA I15646
22 Ezekiel, Martha  17 Nov 1859Richmond, VA, USA I15651
23 Ezekiel, Moses Jacob  28 Oct 1844Richmond, VA, USA I15641
24 Ezekiel, Rebecca J.  21 Jun 1838Richmond, VA, USA I15653
25 Ezekiel, Rosetta Goldsmith  20 Mar 1840Richmond, VA, USA I15639
26 Ezekiel, Sarah Israel  21 Feb 1861Richmond, VA, USA I15650
27 Ezekiel, Walter Ambrose  12 Apr 1853Richmond, VA, USA I15648
28 Ezekiel, Yetta Waterman  10 Jan 1855Richmond, VA, USA I15617
29 Hechler, Alice P.  2 Mar 1876Richmond, VA, USA I15799
30 Hord, Robert Emmett , Jr.  Feb 1920Richmond, VA, USA I15986
31 Jacobson  1846Richmond, VA, USA I15957
32 Jacobson, Catherine  1844Richmond, VA, USA I15918
33 Jacobson, Hannah  1842Richmond, VA, USA I15956
34 Jacobson, Jacob  Richmond, VA, USA I15917
35 Jacobson, Johannah Lenore  Abt 1850Richmond, VA, USA I15920
36 Jacobson, Julius  1863Richmond, VA, USA I15921
37 Jacobson, Rachael  Richmond, VA, USA I15955
38 Jacobson, Sophia  Abt 1848Richmond, VA, USA I15919
39 Lemon, Blanche  Abt 1878Richmond, VA, USA I15929
40 Lemon, Martin  Abt 1872Richmond, VA, USA I15927
41 Lemon, Miriam  Abt 1874Richmond, VA, USA I15928
42 Millhiser, Charles B.  12 Aug 1906Richmond, VA, USA I15805
43 Millhiser, Joseph  25 Dec 1880Richmond, VA, USA I15804
44 Mitteldorfer, Marx E. , Jr.  Richmond, VA, USA I15942
45 Mitteldorfer, Marx E.  22 May 1901Richmond, VA, USA I15939
46 Salomonsky, David  Apr 1883Richmond, VA, USA I15933
47 Salomonsky, Henry  21 Aug 1885Richmond, VA, USA I15932


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arzt, Susi  6 Mar 2004Richmond, VA, USA I9275
2 Brauer, Ezekiel W.  Richmond, VA, USA I15811
3 Brauer, Frederick Casper  24 Apr 1922Richmond, VA, USA I15643
4 Brauer, Gladys B.  28 May 1989Richmond, VA, USA I15983
5 Brauer, Harry Morsden  Dec 1972Richmond, VA, USA I15814
6 Brauer, Marie  15 May 1975Richmond, VA, USA I15817
7 Brauer, Mary June  Aft 1930Richmond, VA, USA I15803
8 Burnheim, Frederick Brauer  Abt 1870Richmond, VA, USA I15997
9 Burnheim, Levi Workum  11 Aug 1868Richmond, VA, USA I15999
10 de Castro, Rebecca  15 Jan 1901Richmond, VA, USA I15662
11 Ezekiel, Martha  12 Dec 1861Richmond, VA, USA I15651
12 Grimes, William Alexander  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15769
13 Hord, Robert Emmett  Mar 1971Richmond, VA, USA I15985
14 Jacobson, Martin Lazarus  8 Jan 1880Richmond, VA, USA I15663
15 Millhiser, Charles B.  Aug 1981Richmond, VA, USA I15805
16 Millhiser, Joseph  14 Sep 1909Richmond, VA, USA I15804
17 Mitteldorfer, Marx E.  Mar 1974Richmond, VA, USA I15939
18 Pepper, Hannah  12 Apr 1888Richmond, VA, USA I15661
19 Salomonsky, Emil  Bef 1900Richmond, VA, USA I15931


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ezekiel, Martha  Richmond, VA, USA I15651


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arzt, Susi  Richmond, VA, USA I9275
2 Brauer, Dorothy V.  1910Richmond, VA, USA I15984
3 Brauer, Dorothy V.  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15984
4 Brauer, Frederick Casper  1922Richmond, VA, USA I15643
5 Brauer, Gladys B.  1910Richmond, VA, USA I15983
6 Brauer, Gladys B.  1930Richmond, VA, USA I15983
7 Brauer, Gladys B.  1930Richmond, VA, USA I15983
8 Brauer, Mailert  Richmond, VA, USA I15959
9 Brauer, Marie  Richmond, VA, USA I15817
10 Brauer, Mary June  1930Richmond, VA, USA I15803
11 Brauer, William Henry  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15645
12 Burnheim, Frederick Brauer  Richmond, VA, USA I15997
13 Burnheim, Kate Theresa  Richmond, VA, USA I15994
14 Burnheim, Levi Workum  Richmond, VA, USA I15999
15 Burnheim, Walter Ezekiel  Richmond, VA, USA I15996
16 Collier, Charles Willard  Richmond, VA, USA I15777
17 Davis, Esther VA, USA  Richmond, VA, USA I15969
18 Davis, Louis Lathan  Richmond, VA, USA I15967
19 de Castro, Rebecca  1870Richmond, VA, USA I15662
20 Ezekiel, Adeline Hyneman  Richmond, VA, USA I15642
21 Ezekiel, Esther  Richmond, VA, USA I15652
22 Ezekiel, Ezekiel Michael  Richmond, VA, USA I15655
23 Ezekiel, Josephine  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15644
24 Ezekiel, Martha  Richmond, VA, USA I15651
25 Ezekiel, Moses Jacob  Richmond, VA, USA I15641
26 Ezekiel, Rosetta Goldsmith  Richmond, VA, USA I15639
27 Ezekiel, Yetta Waterman  Richmond, VA, USA I15617
28 Grimes, William Alexander  Richmond, VA, USA I15769
29 Hord, Robert Emmett  Richmond, VA, USA I15985
30 Hord, Robert Emmett , Jr.  1930Richmond, VA, USA I15986
31 Jacobson  Richmond, VA, USA I15957
32 Jacobson, Hannah  Richmond, VA, USA I15956
33 Jacobson, Henrietta  Richmond, VA, USA I15930
34 Jacobson, Julius  1870Richmond, VA, USA I15921
35 Jacobson, Martin Lazarus  Richmond, VA, USA I15663
36 Jacobson, Matilda  1870Richmond, VA, USA I15925
37 Jacobson, Meyer  1870Richmond, VA, USA I15924
38 Jacobson, Rachael  Richmond, VA, USA I15955
39 Lazaron, Polly  Richmond, VA, USA I19406
40 Lemon, Blanche  Richmond, VA, USA I15929
41 Lemon, Martin  Richmond, VA, USA I15927
42 Lemon, Miriam  Richmond, VA, USA I15928
43 Millhiser, Charles B.  1930Richmond, VA, USA I15805
44 Millhiser, Joseph  Richmond, VA, USA I15804
45 Mitteldorfer, Flora V.  1910Richmond, VA, USA I15940
46 Mitteldorfer, Henrietta  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15941
47 Mitteldorfer, Marx E.  1910Richmond, VA, USA I15939
48 Mittledorfer, Leroy  1910-1920Richmond, VA, USA I15936
49 Neil, Jacob  Richmond, VA, USA I15937
50 Pepper, Hannah  Richmond, VA, USA I15661
51 Salomonsky, David  Richmond, VA, USA I15933
52 Salomonsky, Emil  1870Richmond, VA, USA I15931
53 Salomonsky, Henry  1900Richmond, VA, USA I15932
54 Salomonsky, Katherine V.  1880Richmond, VA, USA I15935
55 Salomonsky, Katherine V.  1910Richmond, VA, USA I15935
56 Salomonsky, Katherine V.  1920Richmond, VA, USA I15935
57 Salomonsky, Rosalie  1880Richmond, VA, USA I15934


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bernheim / Ezekiel  6 Jan 1864Richmond, VA, USA F11237
2 Brauer / Hechler  4 Jun 1896Richmond, VA, USA F11289
3 de Castro / Pepper  14 Jan 1834Richmond, VA, USA F11235
4 Ezekiel / de Castro  10 Jun 1835Richmond, VA, USA F11221
5 Hord / Brauer  Abt 1920Richmond, VA, USA F11342
6 Jacobson / de Castro  29 May 1839Richmond, VA, USA F11247
7 Jacobson / H.  Abt 1863Richmond, VA, USA F11328
8 Pincus / Davis  22 Sep 1923Richmond, VA, USA F11339
9 Workum / Ezekiel  7 Dec 1858Richmond, VA, USA F11236
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